Leading service: Fully implement the service-oriented manufacturing strategy, focus on the entire product life cycle, and focus on the entire process of customer operations. It is necessary to upgrade from a traditional manufacturing company to a service-oriented manufacturing company, use services to create competitive advantages, and use comprehensive service solutions to win the market.
SHACMAN's purpose has always been customer satisfaction from start to end.
Warranty Policy
We will continue to examine, in-depth, of our services, our customers, and themarket to find new innovative service concepts, improve our service

SHACMAN's purpose has always been customer satisfaction from start to end.Throughthe establishment of research, efficiency, integrity and pragmatic service networks,SHACMAN has standardized quality service.

We will make sure that every one of our product and service suppliers, parts suppliers,parts distributors can join in to better serve our customers, we will stand side by side tocontinuously build our brand image, creating the gold standard in the heavy truck industry.

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Transport Service
We reserve the rights of technical alteration and upgrades for better improvement without prior notice.

Many thanks for choosing SHACMAN trucks!

One belt, one road, is the first vehicle and parts export base in China. In recent years,it hasbeen firmly grasping the opportunity of "one belt and one road" and integrating marketresources, and has built a local chemical plant in 13 countries such as Algeria and Kenya. lthas over 200 marketing channels and more than 360 service networks overseas, and itsproducts are sold to more than 100 countries and regions in the world, and export volumeremains the forefront of the industry.

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Technology Service
As a pioneer and model of service-oriented manufacturing in China,Shaanxi Automobile Holding Co.,Ltd. hasinnovated and carried out a series of value-added services such as financial leasing, insurance economy,second-hand car replacement, Internet of vehicles data service (Tian Xingjian) and TCo custody service, and hasbuilt a full life cycle service platform for domestic large-scale commercial vehicles.

Balanced development of vehicles

Special purpose vehicles focus on breakthrough

Opinions or suggestions
We will become a world leading service oriented automobile group.