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Yuan Hongming: Raise awareness and work for a long time to fully promote the digital transformation of enterprises


On December 19th, the third informatization conference of Shaanxi Automobile Holding Group was held with the theme of "Building Digital Shaanxi Automobile to Help Transformation and Upgrade". The conference invited 3 industry experts from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Alibaba Cloud and Lenovo Group to share the theme. Members of Shaanxi Automobile Holdings, Shaanxi Heavy Truck, Shaanxi Automobile Commercial Vehicles, headquarter and its subsidiaries related to information technology leaders and personnel attended the meeting. Yuan Hongming, secretary of the party committee and chairman of Shaanxi Automobile Holdings, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Cui Youchang, deputy general manager and information director of Shaanxi Automobile, presided over the meeting and gave an information work report.

Teng Dongxing, researcher at the Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Huang Zheng, a digital transformation expert in Alibaba Cloud's automotive industry, and Wu Yue, vice president of Lenovo Data Intelligence Business Group The topic of helping the deep integration of the real economy and the digital economy was shared.

In the report, Cui Youchang summarized the current situation and achievements of Shaanxi Automobile's informatization work, and arranged and deployed the group's digital transformation path and the next phase of work according to the company's business model and industry development trends. Zhao Chengjun, Minister of Quality Management Department, combined quality work transformation and big data application, and shared the exploration, innovation and effectiveness of Shaanxi Automobile in quality management in recent years.

Yuan Hongming pointed out in his speech that digital transformation is the general trend and an inevitable choice for enterprise development. It is necessary to correctly understand the significance of digital transformation to enterprise development, use big data to support enterprise decision-making, and use digitalization to enhance enterprise soft power and core competitiveness; Attaches great importance to the research and application of digitalization in all aspects of the enterprise, dare to face the shortcomings, make good use of external brains, and achieve long-term success, open digital thinking, create digital assets, and build digital Shaanxi Automobile and Smart Shaanxi Automobile; it is necessary to seriously implement the group's digital transformation In the process, we will go all out for all work arrangements, without compromising, and resolutely implement them in place, achieve good results, and use digitization to help enterprises transform and upgrade.

In the afternoon of the same day, Shaanxi Heavy Truck, Shaanxi Commercial Vehicle, Hande Axle, Deutsche Bank Holdings, and Shaanxi Wanfang Tianyun Company also conducted reports and exchanges on their respective informatization construction work.

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