Versatile comprehensive model F3000 Cang truck for a variety of scenarios

● F3000 SHACMAN truck chassis and cang bar coat composition, used for daily industrial goods transport, industrial building materials cement transport, livestock transport and so on. Stable and efficient low fuel consumption, can be used efficiently for a long time;

● SHCAMAN F3000 truck with its efficient and stable performance and a variety of excellent functional characteristics, become a leader in many goods transportation needs;

● Whether it is the working conditions of the user, the type of transportation or the load of the required goods, Shaanxi Qi Delong F3000 trucks are capable of providing users with high-quality and efficient transportation services.





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    High-horsepower engine

    The truck is equipped with Weichai’s high-horsepower engine, which provides excellent power support. Weichai engines use advanced fuel injection technology to improve combustion efficiency and fuel utilization, enabling lower fuel consumption during long-distance transportation.

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    Fast gearbox

    The truck’s transmission system adopts FAST’s advanced transmission technology, so that it can flexibly change gears under different working conditions, providing excellent acceleration performance and stability. This is particularly important for long periods of transport and for truck use in complex road conditions such as mountainous areas. The overall design has also been optimized to meet the transportation needs of different types of goods.

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    the use of German MAN advanced technology, strong bearing capacity, high transmission efficiency, high safety. It can actually carry a weight of more than 50 tons and is able to handle all types and sizes of cargo transport. Whether it is transporting construction materials on the construction site, or transporting industrial livestock products over long distances, the SHACMANF3000 truck is competent.

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    large capacity

    the truck’s cargo box capacity is also carefully designed to maximize the loading efficiency. This means that users can transport more goods in the same amount of time, greatly improving transportation efficiency.

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    Canglan semi-trailer is composed of frame, suspension, support device, side protection device, brake and circuit system.

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    The frame is the main component used to support the load, install the traction pin, suspension, fence plate or container locking device, side protection and other devices, and is the main bearing part of the vehicle.
    The frame is mainly composed of longitudinal beam, cross beam and through beam. Its structural joints are reasonable, the overall strength and stiffness are balanced, and it has strong bearing capacity and no permanent deformation. The longitudinal beam is welded in “working” shape by the upper and lower wing plate and web plate by automatic tracking submerged arc welding machine; The beam is cold-formed channel steel or channel steel, and the penetrating beam is square steel or channel steel.

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    Used to transfer the load, shock absorption device, our company uses Fuhua plate spring series balance suspension. Each axle has a fixed and movable tie rod to adjust the wheelbase. The plate spring has 10 pieces *90*13, 10 pieces *90*16. The leaf spring is connected in series by the balance arm, the balance arm swings freely within a certain range, and the axle load can be balanced within a certain range.

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    Brake system

    Devices used for normal running braking, emergency self-braking and parking braking; When the gas pipe leaks or the tractor suddenly breaks away from the semi-trailer during driving, the semi-trailer can brake itself.

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    Support device

    A device to support the lifting of the front load of the rear semi-trailer. The legs have two forms of linkage and single action. The coupling type and single action leg are roughly the same in structure. The coupling type driven leg has no gearbox, and the active leg is connected by a transmission connecting rod. The support device is raised and lowered by turning the crank, and the leg is raised and lowered in fast and slow gear. The high speed gear is used for no-load and the low speed gear is used for heavy load.

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    Concave and convex through beam: has the advantages of light weight and high strength.

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    High strength steel

     longitudinal beam. The frame and key parts are made of low-alloy high-strength steel with domestic advanced technical standards.

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    High load carrying capacity

    Through the use of high-strength steel and structural innovation, the same load carrying capacity is maintained while reducing its own weight.

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    Low bearing surface

    the frame can be optional stepped structure, bearing surface height does not exceed 1.3 meters, reduce the center of gravity of goods, convenient transportation, improve the safety factor.

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    Low bearing surface

    the frame is a stepped structure, which reduces the height of the bearing surface, reduces the center of gravity of the goods, facilitates loading and improves the safety factor.

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    Through beam structure

    the model for better adaptation. For the transportation of heavy goods, the standard steel pipe through the beam is 40*80 rectangular steel pipe, designed for 6 vertical plates, which better distributes the gravity of the goods and reduces the damage of the goods to the frame and the bottom plate.
    Heavy leg: Standard 28 tons of heavy single-acting leg.

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    Reinforced column

    The column is designed to be reinforced to better prevent the occurrence of swelling.

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    Low bearing surface

    the frame can be optional stepped structure, reduce the height of the bearing surface, reduce the center of gravity of the goods, convenient transportation, improve the safety factor.

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    The bending and torsional strength of the frame is checked by using 3D drawing software and finite element simulation analysis. Avoid I-beam tear phenomenon.

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    Characteristic fence

    the fence part is welded by high strength national standard square pipe, simple structure, easy to disassemble, light weight, high strength, no box. The left part of the fence can be optional door structure, compact structure, rain proof, easy loading and unloading, is the best choice for transporting fruits, vegetables, agricultural products and other green foods! High configuration determines the high carrying capacity of heavy goods in vehicle transport, high quality achieves the adaptability of vehicles to harsh transport conditions, and high carrying capacity meets the broader cargo loading needs of users.

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    Humanized design

    all galvanized awning rod, removable tarpaulin frame and ladder; Rear bumper adjustable up and down.
    Continuously optimized design of standard configuration products, set comprehensive performance, stability and practicality is stronger than one, the most suitable for the current heavy charge and double control of the transport environment, is medium and long-distance transport. The best selling model for heavy and bulk cargo loading fast running!

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    Gooseneck structure

    The use of innovative design concept, hyperbolic structure strength, strong bending resistance, high bearing capacity.

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    I-beams are made of high quality low alloy steel or high strength steel and are welded by automatic submerged arc welding.

    The frame adopts the integral shot blasting treatment, which not only eliminates the stress, but also makes the paint adhesion better and the gloss higher. Comprehensively improve the appearance quality!

    The wheelbase is adjusted by laser rangefinder with higher precision. Effectively avoid gnawing tires, greatly reduce the abnormal wear of tires!

    Each car has undergone a rigorous road test of no less than 40 kilometers, 2 wheelbase adjustments, and the wheelbase error does not exceed 3mm.

    The suspension system adopts wear-resistant enhanced type, the load of each axle is balanced, and the pull rod Angle is designed not to exceed 10 degrees. When the vehicle is driving or braking, the tire will not beat on the road, reduce the instantaneous friction and slip distance between the tire and the ground, effectively reduce tire wear, and adjust the pull rod wheelbase to effectively avoid tire bias and nibble.

    Axle, tire, steel ring, leaf spring and other supporting parts are well-known brands at home and abroad, reliable quality, stable performance. Optional ABS anti-lock system and EBS anti-skid system of well-known brands at home and abroad.

Vehicle Configuration

Driving form


Vehicle version

Composite plate

Total weight (t)


Main configuration



Extended high roof/extended flat roof

Cab suspension

Hydraulic suspension


Hydraulic master

air conditioner

Electric automatic constant temperature air conditioning




Emission standard

Euro II

Rated power (horsepower)


Rated speed (RPM)


Maximum torque/RPM range(Nm/r/min)


Displacement (L)




Φ430Diaphragm spring clutch



Fast 10JSD180

Shift type

MT F10

Maximum torque (Nm)



Size (mm)



Front axle

MAN 7.5t axle

Rear axle

13t single stage

13t double stage

16t double stage

Speed ratio



Leaf spring


Container arrangement


Enhanced wear resistance suspension

Leaf spring specification

Ten Type I tablets

Toolbox Specification and quantity

One fully sealed, 1.4m toolbox

upright breadth

upright breadth

Through beam specification

concavo-convex Through beam

Bottom plate thickness


longeron sternum


Thickness of upper and lower wings


The carriage is long * wide * high

Internal dimensions :9300*2450*2200MM, patterned bottom 4MM(T700), corrugated edge 3MM(Q235).
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