Lorry Truck

  • Versatile comprehensive model F3000 Cang truck for a variety of scenarios

    Versatile comprehensive model F3000 Cang truck for a variety of scenarios

    ● F3000 SHACMAN truck chassis and cang bar coat composition, used for daily industrial goods transport, industrial building materials cement transport, livestock transport and so on. Stable and efficient low fuel consumption, can be used efficiently for a long time;

    ● SHCAMAN F3000 truck with its efficient and stable performance and a variety of excellent functional characteristics, become a leader in many goods transportation needs;

    ● Whether it is the working conditions of the user, the type of transportation or the load of the required goods, Shaanxi Qi Delong F3000 trucks are capable of providing users with high-quality and efficient transportation services.

  • SHACMAN multi-duty truck

    SHACMAN multi-duty truck

    ● SHACMAN multi-functional transport vehicle is suitable for special services, health departments of natural disaster rescue, fire rescue support, as well as oil, chemical, natural gas, water supply and other pipelines detection and repair; It can also be used for personnel transportation such as emergency repair and maintenance of equipment failures in high-voltage transmission and transformation lines and expressways.

    ● The multi-functional transport vehicle can quickly and stably transfer a number of assault personnel to different breakthroughs at the same time, is an indispensable disposal equipment for fire and other departments. It is very suitable for daily patrol and other on-site control needs, and multi-functional transport vehicles can meet the needs of daily patrol of multiple groups. SHACMAN multi-purpose transport vehicle high strength protection, strong impact resistance.