Shaanxi Jixin Industrial Co., LTD

Shaanxi Jixin Industrial Co., Ltd. is a member of Shandong ERA truck Investment Co., LTD. The company was established in August 2010.
Since its establishment, the company has sold hundreds of thousands of trucks to more than 50 countries.

Shaanxi Jixin Industrial Co., LTD

The company's main business is SHACMAN heavy truck vehicle sales, spare parts , after-sales Service, information feedback, and as a first-class exporter of Shaanxi Automobile Group, our company has always adhered to the SHACMAN's business philosophy of "virtue wins the world, service leads, quality achievements the future". With the goal of "standardization, integrity, development and win-win", with high-quality products and excellent service, we create superior purchase value for customers, and are committed to allowing customers to truly get the value experience of "SHACMAN heavy Truck, delivers exceptional value". In the past three years, the company's annual sales of SHACMAN heavy truck more than 2,000 units, the average annual sales revenue of nearly 700 million yuan, won the "SHACMAN Group diamond 4S shop" title. With outstanding sales performance, it has been awarded "Sales Champion Award", "Outstanding Contribution Award", "Cooperation Excellence Award", "Outstanding Service Award" and many other awards by SHACMAN Works.

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Top 500 Companies

SHACMAN Group is one of the top 500 enterprises in China, one of the top 100 enterprises in China's machinery industry, and the only designated heavy military off-road vehicle production base and the first batch of automobile export base enterprises retained after the national selection and comparison test. SHACMAN Group has the industry's top industrial chain composed of WEICHAI Power, CUMMINS, FAST Gear, HANDE Axle, etc. It has formed a complete industrial system of "five in one" including R&D, supply, production, sales and service. The heavy truck series products developed by the company include SHACMAN H3000, F3000, X2000, F2000 X5000, X6000. The product types include heavy dump trucks, tractors, trucks, special vehicles, new energy vehicles, large and medium-sized buses, medium and light trucks, heavy military off-road vehicles and so on. In 2017, SHACMAN achieved sales revenue of nearly 50 billion yuan, and sold 160,000 vehicles of all kinds, including nearly 10,000 vehicles exported, which was welcomed by users in various regions with good cost performance.

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Perfect Service System

In the face of fierce market competition, Shaanxi Jixin Industrial Co., Ltd. with a good marketing model and perfect service system, relying on the product and brand advantages of SHACMAN heavy truck and long-term distribution of SHACMAN heavy truck experience and ability, continue to create the market.


Global Partnership

SHACMAN Group is supporting our company to develop into emerging economies in the world, and is committed to promoting SHACMAN brand heavy truck products worldwide. At present, our company is developing and building cooperative relations with heavy truck dealers in Africa, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Russia, Mongolia and other regions, and will provide excellent SHACMAN heavy truck products and its "intimate service" brand to the vast number of developing countries, support the development of local economy, and provide convenience for local users to create transportation businesses and win profits.